Hot Heels this Fashionable Summer

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It is true when they say a woman feels more confident and stylish when she wears a good pair of high heels. High heels are simply adored by women all over the world. Every fashion season there are new fashions that emerge in high heels that are quick of the shelves in shoe stores. This year in the summer also there are some stylish and super chic fashions in high heels that are totally in vogue this fashion season. The following are some of the latest trends in high heels this fashionable summer:Heels this Summer
Trends in Heels this Summer:
•    The high heels this year are popular not just in the traditional colors like whites, blacks or blues but also in summery and not so traditional colors like orange, pink, shades of green, red, yellow and brown. The trend this summer is to wear high heels of multicolor designs. So high heels with three or four colors in them make it festive and really fashionable this summer.
•    Very high heels are fashionable this year and women are wearing them quite confidently in 2014. This is true for high heels, pumps and wedges, as women are looking for super high heels this season. Only make sure that they are comfortable and easy to walk in such heels when you buy them because uncomfortable high heels can be a serious problem as they can make you topple and fall.
•    Top designers in footwear are making lovely high heels with ankle straps this year. Ankle straps are totally in vogue this summer. Leather ankle straps or cute ankle straps with bows look really pretty with summer dresses in 2014.
•    Another major fashion in high heels this summer is peep toes.  They look really cute and can be worn for a casual brunch or even for partying as evening wear. Ankle length boots with high heels is another fashion that is trending highly this summer. They look edgy and chic at the same time and are perfect for the summer.
•    Geometric designs and patterns are really stylish in high heels and are seen this season. Besides those sequins, polka dots, floral and tribal prints are also popular.
Summer time is a great time to wear all kinds of trendy high heels. There is no snow or rain to make heels a slightly tricky choice for the season. Summer is meant to be fun and high heels are the perfect style of shoes for summer.

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