Hottest Shoes of the Season

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Shoes are very important to women and most women love to buy shoes. Shoes can be regular daily wear shoes, flats, high heels, pumps, slippers, boots or wedges among others. There is no such thing like too many shoes in the closet. Fashions in shoes keep changing almost every fashion season and accordingly fashion conscious women buy shoes. Shoes are a part of the ensemble and if your shoes are a fashion disaster then the entire look is ruined. It is very important for Fashionista’s to wear the right shoes which go with the outfit and are in fashion. The following are shoes that are fashionable this fashion season:Hottest Shoes
Hottest Shoes of the Season
• Knee high boots are very stylish in the Fall of 2014. Many celebrities have been seen wearing this look with short dresses and skirts. Grey is the color of choice for knee high boots this fall.
• Another fashion in boots this fall is calf-length boots with skinny jeans. This look gives the casual jeans and t-shirt look a stylish twist. Shades of black, brown and grey are perfect for boots in the Fall season.
• Another stylish trend of the season is flats. Brown, beige, grey, blue, pink, black and white are some of the ideal colors for flat shoes in 2014. In flat shoes, leopard prints and plain colors are popular.
• Color blocking is a fashion trend in clothes that is stylish in 2014. This trend has been witnessed in shoes as well especially in high heels, pumps and stilettos.
• As skinny jeans that end around the ankle are popular this year, high heels with ankle belts are super chic this fashion season. Another major fashion is ankle length stylish boots in black.
• Shiny Embellishments look very trendy this year and are perfect for shoes worn to parties and fun events. Strappy heels look cool this year and many stylish women have been seen wearing strappy heels in various bright colors as well as in colors like black, nude and brown.
• Black and white stripes are very fashionable in 2014. Wearing pumps with this print is totally chic and stylish in 2014. Multicolored shoes like the retro shoes of the 80’s are in vogue in 2014.
• Graphic designs, geometrical prints, floral embellishments and edgy color combinations are all fashions that have been trending this year.
Shoes are an important aspect of following the right fashions. Wearing out of fashion shoes is something that will make the whole ensemble look tacky and outdated.

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