How can one express Fashion without being too Fashion conscious

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The definition of the word ‘Fashion’ varies from individual to individual. ‘Fashion’ is a very broad term carrying innumerable different connotations. A particular outfit that appeals as really elegant and fashionable in your eyes, might seem ridiculous to somebody else. Hence there is no way one can define what is ‘right’ or what is ‘wrong’ when it comes to expressing yourself in terms of fashion. With so many different styles to select from, one can easily express oneself by making one’s own fashion statement that is best suited to his or her unique  personality. Let the colours talk When it comes to fashion, there are a lot of people who love to experiment with the latest designs and colours. Colour is a wonderful mode of expression. The changing colour palettes with every season gives you ample opportunity to express yourself the way you want to. Keeping your skin tone and the colour of your hair in mind, you can express yourself through the colours of your outfit as well as the accessories to go with it. From light pastels to bold darker shades, go for the ones that best complement your mood and the occasion. Bring out your best Expressing fashion does not necessarily mean that you have to swear by those latest trends rocking the ramp and the retail stores. When you present yourself, you need to emphasize on bringing your assets to the forefront. Your dress, shoes, bag and other accessories need to reflect your personality. Something that sets you apart from the rest. While choosing your attire you must stick to clothes that not only fit you well, but also highlight the best in you while diverting attention from the flaws. The shape of the body varies from person to person, so choosing your style accordingly would express yourself beautifully. And for that you need not always resort to top brands and splurge your hard earned money. Stick to what makes you feel good Does your closet contain items which you had purchased a long time back just because they were considered ‘fashionable’ at that point of time, or some celebrity was spotted wearing that dress? Get rid of the mental pressure of having to conform to latest trends in fashion. Each individual is unique and so is their personal style. Or else everyone would have ended up looking the same. When you express fashion in your own way, you must give priority to the feel-good factor. Do not be afraid of sporting unconventional dresses and accessories that uplift your mood. Always remember that your fashion needs to be a reflection of you. Not of someone else.

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