How healthy is your fashion habits

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healthy fashionWe are a keen fashion follower and remaining stylish is a very good habit. But how healthy are we when it comes to maintaining fashion and indulging in the habits that keeps us fashion healthy and neat. I have tried to put five important habits we must be indulging in and also those which are to be avoided to have a healthy fashion lifestyle. 1.    Biting nails and chipping nail paints: This is so common that even reading about will make you feel so familiar about it. Women have this unhealthy urge to bite nails and chip nail paints. They at times do not realise of when this habit catches them, and leads to stomach problems and spoils well-manicured hands.  This stagnate nail growth and a complete waste of your money spent on nail paints.  Mostly nervous women bites nails, so next time you feel nervous keep in mind not to indulge in this habit. 2.    ‘Date’ check on Cosmetics:  How many times have you checked the manufacturing and expiry dates on your lipsticks, foundations, lotions and perfumes? Not very often we keep in mind to dispose of cosmetics that are very old, expired or discoloured. This is necessary as expired product may have harmful effects on skin and as they are expired, it’s no longer usable irrespective of the quantity still left in it.  One great way of making this as a habit is to clean your vanity and closet as and when you feel the need to. This way, disposing item that are old and not needed would be easy. 3.    Heels are not everybody: This may contradict so many of you, but wearing heels is a technique, to walk in them and feel comfortable. Not everybody can be easy going with heels and may just wear it for the sake of fashion trend. Do not tag pain along with trends, choose your comfort foot wear and this not necessary has to be heels. It’s wise to wear heels when you want to ad also are confident in them, not otherwise. Do not stock up with variants of heels when you will never wear them. Keep your feet health in mind, they support us all day. 4.     Tight clothing is NOT all time fashion: This is a ramp game, worn by to models to convey a sense of style of a designer. Fitted pants and shirts, tight shorts or skirts are for walkaways , depicting certain trends that are not always in meant for everybody. The fat that we do not own a super-model body figure and that not all weather support fitted clothing, do not blindly buy a pair of tight pants for you. This will be effect your health, will not let your body breathe out and keep the skin tight and stretched for longer duration.  Keep one or two such piece to be worn at an apt event and season if you can carry the same in comfort. 5.    Identify your allergies from cosmetic: Be alert about the products that caused you irritation redness and itching, read their ingredients in detail and show it to dermatologist and take medication. Keep away from that particular ingredient based products and opt for better alternatives.  Some allergies can cause permanent skin damage and thus do not indulge in too much chemicals and be natural as much as possible.  How tempting all the high quality cosmetic products may be, the allergies are subjective to individuals and thus you must identify your allergies as and when you get the first trace of it.

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