How to Accessorize this Winter

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Winter AccessorizeWinter Fashions tend to have their own unique charms and when the winter season starts women start wearing clothes, accessories and footwear that match the season. The idea is to wear outfits that look super trendy and are also comfortable and warm in the winter season. A major part of the outfits are the accessories that go well with the clothes and footwear so that they lift the ensemble to make them look really chic. The following are some trends in accessories that women can follow in the winter season this year: Ways to Accessorize this Winter Season: •    There are some accessorize in winter that not just look trendy but are needed to keep you warm in the cold winter months. These include scarves, mufflers, woolen caps and hats, gloves and stoles. The idea is to match these winter accessories with your outfits. •    Matching the above mentioned winter accessories with outfits is easy. For example mostly wearing the winter woolen hats of the same color as your outfit or overcoat is a good idea. Faux fur hats or knitted winter hats are very much in fashion for the season. Woolen caps or hats can have more than one color but it looks good if one of the main colors in the hats goes well with the outfit. •    With scarves and muffler either of same color as the outfit or contrasting colors with the outfit, both ideas work well. Also if the outfit doesn’t have any designs and is just plain with one or two colors, then a scarf with nice designs on it will really lift the outfit. •    Again with gloves it is similar to scarves. You can either wear gloves of the same color for lifting the outfit or by wearing contrasting color gloves with the outfits. •    Nice stoles in shaded darker colors are a great winter accessory. These stoles can replace the mufflers when it is not too cold. Also buy a pair of really trendy earmuffs that go well with different outfits in winter. •    Large leather handbags in darker colors are popular in the winter season. Also colors like shades of beige and prints like leopard prints, checks, ethnic prints and tribal prints are popular in the winter with handbags. Faux fur is also popular in handbags. •    In jewelry, silver chunky jewelry, diamonds, darker beads and oxidized metal jewelry are very popular as these types of jewelry look good with winter outfits.

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