How to Be Fashionable yet Environmentally Conscious

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It is very important that we save the planet for future generations. Being environmentally conscious is not just the right thing to do but it is also very fashionable these days. We must all try and reduce our carbon footprints on the planet and find innovative ways to do so. One can be environmentally conscious and be fashionable at the same time. There are plenty of fashion trends these days that help you look super stylish and yet help you protect the environment at the same time. The following are some tips to be fashionable and yet environmentally conscious at the same time:Fashionable Environment Ways to be Fashionable yet Environmentally Conscious: •    Sustainable fashion or eco fashion is the trend today as more and more women become conscious of fashion’s impact on the environment. One can look super stylish without hurting the environment by adopting sustainable fashion choices. •    Use materials or fabric that is natural and sustainably sourced so that it does not harm the environment. Natural fibers that are not petroleum based or are not made by material or fibers that are produced using pesticides and insecticides are excellent for fashions that are environmentally responsible. •    Another interesting option to be super fashionable and yet environmentally conscious is using recycled fibers. There is a lot of innovation in creation of recycled fabrics today. •     For example, there is a technology that can use plastic water bottles to create fabric for jeans. Plastic water bottles are a common form of plastic garbage and these can be used to make fabric which is a great eco-friendly solution to plastic waste. Jeans are an eternal fashion so one can be eco-friendly and stylish at the same time. •    Many top designers including the likes of Stella McCartney have endorsed sustainable eco-friendly fashions in a big way. Today there are many different eco-friendly fashion brands to choose from for people who believe they need to do their bit in saving our planet. Eco-friendly fashions help save the environment in a small way but are also major marketing tools to build awareness in protecting the environment. For example people wearing eco-friendly clothes will talk about it with their friends and family when they wear such fashions. This “marketing” will create more awareness among people about the seriousness of environmental concerns. Hence one can be super stylish and yet eco-friendly at the same time and also help protect the environment.

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