How to Look Glamorous with Bling

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Bling means bold, ostentatious clothing and jewelry with shiny colors and designs. This flashy style of dressing is very much in fashion these days with celebrities and with women who party, but you got to wear it right otherwise it can easily look over the top or too gaudy. This is a great fashion style wear one can experiment with various choices and push the envelope when it comes to making a fashion statement. The following are some of the ways in which one can look glamorous with bling without making the ensemble look too flashy.Glamorous Look How to look Glamorous with Bling: •    If you are wearing a dazzling gold or silver short dress make sure that you do not wear too much jewelry. A high neckline will be more appropriate for such a short dress. Short shimmery dresses look cute as well as dazzling and definitely make a bold statement. •    To make a simple outfit with plain colors really shine, a great bling idea is to wear a nice fitted shiny jacket. Pair this outfit with a great bling eye makeup with sparkly eye shadow. •    Another way in which a plain outfit is made more glamorous is by wearing shiny statement jewelry with the outfit. You can choose either long shiny gold and silver chains or big earrings or sparkling necklaces or a bracelet to make the whole ensemble shine. •    Bling can be part of the fashion even when it comes to footwear. Nice sparkly and shiny high heels or boots are a great idea with an outfit that is quite plain otherwise. The shoes add a great contrast to the plain outfit making the ensemble really fashionable and stylish. •    Gold goes really well with black for evening events and silver looks absolutely dazzling with white. Darker colors look really good with gold wear as pastels and lighter shades look amazing with silver. •    Bling is something that has also become very stylish and popular with wedding dresses. Silver or gold elements in the white dress give a shiny and dramatic look to the bridal gown. Bling is not something you wear every day. It is more of a special occasion or a party type style and one must not try to bling every outfit. Also as mentioned above always pair bling with plainer elements of clothing as too much bling can look really bad and unfashionable. Bling is a great fashion choice this year and very popular in 2014.

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