How to Pair Black & White Colors in Fashion

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Making a fashion statement does not always mean wearing bright colors. Simple colors like black and white paired together are a perfect combination for clothing, accessories, shoes and handbags. There are many style options available with these two colors when they are paired perfectly together. In 2014, this fashion combination has been really trendy and seen at different types of occasions in fabulous ensembles. The following are some of the tips to be fashionable using the black and white color combination:Black & White Colors Fashion Black and White Color Fashions 2014 •    Probably the trendiest fashion of 2014 using black and white is horizontal stripes. Black and white horizontal stripes have been seen in skirts, t-shirts, pants and dresses this year. The thickness of the stripes varies so does the percentage of color in the combination. This means that sometimes there are thick stripes and sometimes thin. It also means that sometimes white is more prominent and sometimes black. •    A black flared skirt or a maxi skirt with a white top looks classy and elegant yet super chic. Sometimes flared skirts with black and white polka dots or other such patterns and prints looks fabulous with a plain white lacy blouse. •    Black pants with a white top or vice versa also looks really hip and stylish. The ideal combination is the white top, black jacket and black slim fit jeans or leggings with boots. Animal prints like leopard prints in black and white are also a great combination. •    The black and white pattern in bikini or one piece swim suit fashion is super stylish and trendy at the same time. •    Sometimes a plain white or black top is worn with a skirt which is a black and white combination pattern. This fashion can be vice versa also with a plain white or black skirt and a top with a black and white combination print like horizontal stripes. •    These colors work particularly well together in the Fall/Winter months as they look appropriate with the weather of the season. A great choice is to wear an elegant white dress with a black waist belt with a bow. It looks feminine and trendy at the same time. •    Black and white peep toes are the perfect heels shoes for this combination. Black and white polka dot bags or just a plain black or white designer purse also looks fabulous. •    Black is a great color for glares and adding a white frame to a pair of sun glasses make it look cool and funky.

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