How to Protect Skin From the Sun

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To look absolutely stunning, having glowing skin is very important. Glowing and smooth skin without any blemishes is almost every woman’s dream. One of the major aspects of this is to be safe from the sun. This is particularly true in the spring/summer season where hanging out at the beach, pool or a sunny location is quite normal. Not just for cosmetic appearance, but for long term health of the skin, protecting the skin from the sun is very important or there can be really severe health problems including skin cancer. Sun’s harmful UV rays can cause many health problems. Protecting the skin from the sun is for all. This means that women, men, children and also older people all need to protect their skin from the sun. The following are some of the ways in which skin can be protected from the sun: Protecting the Skin from the Sun: •    While going out in the sun, using a sun screen lotion is very important. A good brand of sun screen is a good idea and make sure that it is at least SPF 15 sun screen lotion to protect the skin. Also put the sun screen lotion on all the exposed skin meaning face and also hands and legs where the outfit leaves them partially bare. Keep applying sunscreen lotion every few hours when you are in the sun for a longer period of time. •    Wearing proper sunscreen is very important especially on a beach or hanging out for hours under the sun in summer wear clothing. •    Clothing is the best way to protect the skin from the sun. Wear clothing in colors that do not attract and absorb the sun’s rays. Lighter colors are better than darker colors in summer. If you are heading out for a swim in the pool or ocean, do not remain in swimwear for a longer period of time. Tanning should be done in a very limited way and it is a good idea to carry a cover up to protect the skin from the sun’s rays. •    Avoid the sun during the morning hours between 10 am and 2 pm when it is the brightest. Wear wide brimmed hats to protect the face from the sun’s rays and also use large sunglasses to protect the eyes. Protecting the skin from the harmful rays of the sun is not just cosmetically good but also it is important from the point of view of avoiding health problems caused by the sun to our skin and overall health.

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