How to Use Concealers Perfectly During Holiday Parties

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Having the perfect skin for the face without any blemishes, dark sports, dark circles around the eyes is what every woman wants. Sadly most women do not have perfect skin and these dark circles, dark spots, blemishes and even at times acne can look really bad if not properly masked or concealed by makeup. To achieve the look of an even skin tone with no blemished or dark spots, large pores or dark circles around the eyes, women use foundations and concealers. The following are ways to use the concealers available in the most effective way so that the makeup and the overall appearance looks absolutely stunning especially in the season of holiday parties: How to Use Concealers Properly: •    Step 1 is to wash the face properly with the face wash so that it is clean and does not have any leftover makeup on it. Generally foundations and primers are used with the concealers to give a radiant look and a smooth even tone color to the face. •    Selecting the type of concealer is a very important aspect here. There are various shades in which concealers are available in the market. Try and pick a shade that is lighter than your skin tone but not too drastically different from your skin tone. •    The general rule for concealers and foundations is that one must use concealer before foundation for the dark circles under the eye and use the concealer after the foundation for dark spots and blemishes on the face. •    There are different types of concealers that can be used. They are concealer sticks like lipsticks, liquid concealers and powder concealers. You can use either depending on how much coverage you need and the type you are comfortable. •    Apply concealers in dots on the areas that need to be concealed and then dab and blend the concealer with the skin in that area. For under eye circles, put small dots under the eyes and blend them to get a natural look. •    For blemishes, dark spots and acne, put concealers in dots on the affected areas and blend it with the help of your finger in the area around it. •    After foundation and concealer is applied brush some powder across the face so that the concealer sets and you get a nice radiant makeup look. Concealers are an essential part of makeup and wearing them right will help mask various skin problems that can happen on the face. For the holiday season being able to wear the concealer affectively will give you a look of glowing skin at parties.

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