How to Wear Bohemian Fashions in the Summer

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There are different types and styles of fashions that have been popular over the decades. These fashions keep reinventing themselves in a very stylish way every fashion season. One of the top styles of fashion is the bohemian style of fashion. The boho-chic style of fashion takes inspiration from the bohemian styles of the hippie culture of the 1970s and then evolves this fashion into something completely mainstream and totally chic and stylish. The bohemian fashions are very much in style in this summer. The following are some of the cool bohemian style fashions that are very popular in summer of 2015 and are worn by celebrities as well as fashionable women all over the world: Bohemian Fashions of Summer of 2015: •    Bohemian fashions mean simple styles with fabulous prints and designs which can be worn in a slightly formal occasion and also for daily casual wear. This style of clothing is perfect for concerts, brunches, for family events and also for just hanging out with friends at the beach or at a restaurant. This is a style that was first popular in the 1970s and is a fashion that is still followed by many. •    Long flowing dresses with ethnic, tribal or floral prints is a style that is one of the most popular styles of the bohemian fashions in 2015. Many top designers have included this style of clothing in the spring/summer collections. This loose fitting style of clothing is perfect for summers. •    Bohemian style loosely fitted printed short dress with a string style belt is a great idea for summer. Similar to this style of clothing that looks good is a beach cover up in a bohemian style. Hitting the beach is common during this season and a printed multicolored cover up with bohemian designs is a great idea for the beach. •    When it comes to swimwear also bohemian prints are very popular with stylish women on bikinis and also on one-piece swimsuits. •    Bohemian style peasant tops are great to wear with pants and skirts as they look feminine and also have a casual elegance to them.  Also another option for bohemian style fashion is a kaftan, which is very trendy and cool in this fashion. •    The fabrics used in this style of clothing complement well with the summer as they are light and are easy and comfortable to wear for summer. Bohemian styles are totally popular this summer and also a great fashion to follow.

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