How to Wear High Heels in the Fall/Winter Season

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Every fashion season is unique in the types of fashions that become popular. Clothes are an aspect of fashion that are very important in an ensemble but so are the shoes. The right pair of shoes can make an outfit look amazing, whereas hideous and out of fashions shoes can ruin a smart outfit. One of the most stylish forms of shoes are heels and stilettoes. The following are some of the really trendy heels for Fall/Winter 2014: Fall/ Winter 2014 – High Heels •    Animal skin print heels in colors like beige, olive, black and brown are very much in style this season. They look really good with different types of Fall outfits and work well with the season’s colors. Animal print or leopard print heels are also very stylish this Fall season. •    The traditional black color high heels are an absolute favorite this Fall/Winter. Also these are really versatile because they can be worn with formal, semi-formal or even casual events. •    In styles of heels, the ankle strap is majorly in vogue this year.  This is seen with strappy heels, multicolored heels and also with rustic look heels. •    Colors that are popular in high heels include black, combination of black and white, brown, beige and grey. Also this fall high heels in darker shades of the summer colors are very much in vogue. So darker shades of red, pink, yellow and blue are popular in high heels fashions of the Fall/Winter 2014. •    Closed toe pumps are appropriate for the weather and also tremendously in fashion this year. Another major fashion of the season is ankle length boots. They are very appropriate for the season and look really stylish with outfits that include pants or even with outfits that include skirts. Leather and swede are top fabric choices when it comes to ankle boots. •    High heel ankle boots are not the only type of boots that are in fashion this year. Boots are incredibly popular in Fall/Winter because they protect the feet and legs and also look totally chic and stylish. •    Knee length high heel boots in colors like black, grey and brown are very chic this season. They go well with short skirts, short dresses and also with jeans and jackets. Again swede and leather are the best fabric choices for these types of shoes. High heels makes a woman look stylish and also gives a woman tremendous confidence. The above mentioned high heels are very popular this season of Fall/Winter.

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