How to Wear Knitted Fashions

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It is the time of the year again when the chill sets in the air. This means that women have a great fashion fabric to add to their closet. It is time for the woolen and knitted garments to become a part of everyday casual wear. As winter is setting in, woolens and knitted wear have taken center stage in fashion once again. This year too like every year, there are some distinct styles in knitted wear that have become popular on the runway as well as with regular women as chic winter wear. The following are some of the knitted fashions that are popular in Fall/Winter 2014:Knitted Fashions

Popular Knitted Fashions of 2014:
•    Wearing woolen or knitted wear, head to toe is popular this season. So wearing jumper dresses, woolen leggings, knitted tunics and knitted skirts is very popular in 2014.
•    Long and oversized knitted outfits are popular for the fall/winter season of 2014. This gives a great look and makes the outfit look cute. An oversized sweater in just the right color with fitted jeans looks fabulous this winter.
•    Knitted fashions like a knitted peplum top or a knitted crop top have become really trendy in 2014.
•    In knitted wear 2014, there are some distinct colors that have been seen to be more popular than others. Grey is a classic all-time favorite knitted wear favorite and looks super trendy in 2014 especially matched with black. Wearing different shades of grey together looks super chic for knitted wear.
•    When sweater weather arrives, wearing knitted fashions in the right color will make you look chic and keep you warm and comfortable. Colors like white and black are amazing in knitted wear. Colors like off-white, blue and brown great for the season.
•    Also sometimes colors that are popular in the summer can work well in these seasons also. For example having an entire ensemble of dark colors, adding a yellow knitted scarf or a pink knitted beanie looks great.
•    Also this season the type of yarn used by top designers for knitted wear is incredibly comforting and soft. This makes the clothes very comforting in these cold seasons of fall and winter in 2014.
Just because it is fall/winter does not mean that fashion should take a back seat. Knitted fashions have an important role in fashions for winter. It is perfect for the weather and this year, sweater weather fashions are super trendy in 2014.

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