How to Wear the Trendy Color Blocking Fashion

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Color blocking is a major fashion of 2014. But many people do not know exactly what it means or how to wear this trendy fashion. Basically what color blocking is wearing multiple solid colors in a single outfit. This type of fashion usually creates a simple yet bold elegance if worn properly. Also patterns and prints are not part of this fashion as clothing items with bold colors and no prints and patterns are usually used for this fashion. This can be a very difficult fashion to pull off because there are many bold colors involved. If it is not worn properly your outfit can end up looking clown-like and totally unfashionable. The following are some tips on how to wear the color blocking fashion.

Trendy Color Blocking Fashions
•    The colors that are apt for the color blocking trend includes shades of yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue and green. Usually in color blocking, minimum two to three colors are used in this fashion. Bright candy colors are perfect for this trendy look.
•    For example an orange skirt is worn with a blue top or a purple pant is worn with a green shirt or a yellow dress is worn with bright blue shoes.
•    Sometimes white and black is added to the color palate of color blocking fashions. Black paired with two colors of this trend in color blocking designs looks amazing for an evening look where as white works well in color blocking patterns for a morning look.
•    Do not wear too many colors at once in this look or it will look clown-like and totally hideous. Avoid wearing more than 4 colors at once in this color blocking fashions.
•    This fashion works with various clothing items in the ensemble including dresses, leggings, pants, skirts, tops and blouses.
•    This fashion is also seen in swimwear. This fashion can be used in bikini patterns and one piece swimsuits.
•    Another tip is wearing belts that divide the colors and show distinct colors in the outfit. This means for example if you wear a green blouse and a blue skirt then wear a gold belt that will act as a barrier between the two colors and make the ensemble work.
This is a great colorful fashion that has been popular this year. This fashion is very attractive, bold and bright. Many celebrities having been seen wearing this fashion over the last year.

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