How to Wear Trendy Shades of Grey

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If there is one color that is completely fashionable in the Fall/Winter fashions it is grey. Grey is a color that suits the weather and the environment completely. It looks super stylish against the back drop of colored leaves of the fall and also works well with the cold snowy weather of winter. Grey is a very versatile color and different shades of grey can be worn during the day time as well as during the evenings. The following are some of the fashions that are trendy using different shades of grey:Wear Trendy Shades
Trendy Fashion – Shades of Grey
•    Wearing different shades of grey together is a great idea. Wearing a darker shade pant or skirt and a lighter shade top with it is a fabulous choice.
•    The simple plain grey T-shirt is an effortless and classic fashion and this t-shirt is sort of a must have in the closet for fashionable women.
•    Another great idea is to wear a grey dress. A dress that starts on top with white and then through ombre shades of grey reaches black at the hem of the dress is stunning for Fall/Winter 2014.
•    Grey looks really nice with white lace. So combining the two trendy fashions to create a stunning dress is a great creation.
•    Coats and capes are in fashion and necessary weather wise this season. Grey is probably one of the most popular colors for capes and coats especially for a day event.
•    Grey is a wonderfully versatile color and goes well with feminine makeup and accessories. Wearing red lipstick or having a pinkish feminine makeup with a grey clothing ensemble goes well together.
•    Different shades of grey go very well with colors like red, blue, black, white and pink. Having one clothing item in the ensemble that is grey works well to contrast against other brighter colors.
•    With shoes also this color looks really great especially with a swede fabric. Different shades of grey look good at different occasions. Slightly darker shades look good for a party or night out and lighter shades look good at a brunch or a day event. Another shoes fashion is grey heels.
•    Grey beanie hat or even a grey fedora looks really cool. Another grey hat fashion is a grey wide brimmed hat which looks really chic and elegant with a great dress.
Different shades of grey can be worn in different ways in both casual and formal wear making it a stylish color of the season.

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