ideas to turn old clothes to new outfits

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There are many times when we believe that our old clothes are whole lot of mess and its time to get rid of them. The main reason behind this is that we have worn those clothes so many times that we don’t find anything exciting in it anymore and that is why we try to throw them out and make room for something better and new.

Here are a few tips to recycle your old clothes that you will think twice before throwing them out.

New Outfits

1. Jeans is fun– Jeans is very important for all of us and there are no doubts about it. Jeans has been in our wardrobe for like forever. We keep buying new ones but don’t actually get tired of the old ones and if you feel that now your jeans are wasted then think twice.

Take a scissors and cut them up a bit in different places. This will add a whole different look to your old jeans. You can even cut out your jeans and make a cool Capri out of it. These tips will make you fall in love with your old jeans all over again.

2. Go with the shirt– We all love our little black dresses, don’t we? Of course we do but this is also true that at some point of time these become less attractive to us. That is when we need to add a little bit of fun to those LBDs. The most fun and economical way to do that is by using a shirt. A checked shirt when worn under a LBD works wonders for your look. You will look geeky, innocent and sexy all at one time.

3. Simple hacks- You could try wearing a cool shirt on your dress for a completely changed look. With changing trends you need to change as well. Don’t hesitate while throwing out so-not-in-fashion clothes. Learn and love to experiment because it won’t be harmful. It would even increase your style quotient like turning an oversized t-shirt into a cute cum sexy dress.


There are infinite ways by which you can make your wardrobe super cool all over again and all you need is some tricks and experimenting skills which are quite easy to acquire. Old clothes are not always useless because they could be used for many other purposes as well.

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