Is Orange the New Red? Go Tangy This Summer

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Is Orange the New Red? Go Tangy This Summer Tangy and trendy, Orange is the new red in the international fashion circus. By circus I mean the colorful palette showcased post winter fashion weeks.  Interestingly Pantone color of the year 2012 is Tangerine Orange. Although being a reluctant shade in the fashion circle, Orange has risen up as a HOT trend both in wardrobes and beauty section. Nothing could replace the sexy red but this energy vibrant color. From summer favorite lip color to trendy party dresses, orange have caught all the limelight. Orange screams fashion power, thus it has become designers favorite. Are you feeling dull? Not fashionable enough? Low intensity or just bored with reds and maroons? Go Orange. Single cocktail dresses, chic coats, smart pants, simply floral, lovable enamels or neon eye shadows, it’s all over the market. A quick alternate to dark passionate red, flirty Orange is umpteen among the female club this spring/summer continuing with 2012 color trends. Why Orange? Well why not?  Wear it on any skin tone and it will justifies your whole look. Moreover it’s not of today but Orange has charmed us in 60’s 80’s and 90’s in floral and polka prints. The only fuss I have heard from ladies has been how to carry this bold color. The do’s are simple, carry a nice orange silk scarf, a bright orange summer coat, crisp white shirt with dull orange pants or simple orange dress with cream color wedges, you are playing safe here. Never, I mean never ever wear more than one shade of orange at once, you’ll end up as a clown otherwise. Less is more! Wear a pop out orange lip color with orange flats or bright nail paint with an orange scarf but not all of it together. An elegant orange bag or pastel orange heels but never do too much of match and mix.  Go for single shades and club it with whites, browns and even ash black, exercise your fashion taste but avoid going too funky. To all the young dazzling girls and beautiful women, ditch red this summer and go Orange!

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