It’s a Handbag not a Travel Kit

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cosmaticsI have been a victim of loading my shoulders with over size handbags, stocking it up with all the things in the world. Only when my bag handles gave up and started tearing apart, I realised I was carrying a luggage not a bag. Many of us pretty looking ladies do not realise what all we load in our handbags which is not required.  Handbags are for essentials to pack in and not to fill in every little pocket of it. So what should be in a handbag? I have tried to pen down both, what should be in and what should be out of your lovely bags. Use it like a bag not a locker: No all your cash needs to be carried with you. It brings along the fear of being robbed. To constantly check your bag and reassure you have your thick wallet intact, is a burden.  Its time for plastic money and use of cash is very less. Be smart and be tension free by using your handbag not as your money locker anymore. It’s a Handbag, do not use it as Vanity: We will pack two types of blush, two shades of foundation, five types of liners and two foundation cases, may be different size mirror and brushes of every length. This we don’t do out of some packing routine but because things are piled up and we never realise. A gloss, small comb, small mirror and face tissues should be enough. Leave the make-up kit, brushes and big bottles of perfumes at home. Lighten up the load a bit. Selective Cards: You have a debit card, credit card and card of your business but stack of visiting cards? No do not put all your desk visiting cards in your bag. Approximately 50-100 cards tied in a band and stuffed in your bag which you won’t need may be for months. Leave them at your desk and pile them neatly in cases, not your hand bag. Prefer having digital contacts, after all it’s a virtual world. Our medication and hygiene: We girls are called clean freak, we like hygiene and do carry necessary medication.  But you don’t require pain killers of everything, big cotton rolls, band aids and Vaseline. Keep the tablets you are taking daily, hand sanitizer and may be pocket size Vaseline in your handbag. What else? Well nothing until and unless you have serious medication to carry with you always. Ready for emergencies: Always and as a permanent habit keep rubber band, hair pins, safety pins, kajal, mirror, travel size perfume, sanitary pads and an extra pair of glasses or lenses (if in use) in your hand bag. These are essentials for any kind of urgent need and you must have space in your bag and not ignore them for any clutter.  I know it’s difficult for girls to pick and leave stuff when it comes to handbag but it’s good to be organised in this section. Apart from the very small and basic things that should or should not be in your and bag, there are so many more that can be mentioned. For example, your favourite book, tablet, nail paint, a clutch, favourite piece of jewellery, sweets, lotion, etc. The list is lengthy and will be edited from lady to lady. We all have varied minds when comes to our possessions.  The whole idea is to not assume your hand bag as your travel kit. To keep it light, clutter-free and it will maintain the quality of your Handbag itself.

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