Jewelry Fashions for the Summer

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Jewelry is one of the most important aspects of fashion and without the right jewelry the ensemble is often incomplete. Jewelry fashions keep changing over the years and this Spring/Summer fashion season of 2014 has some distinct jewelry styles that have become very popular with celebrities and women all over the world. The following are some of the trends that are seen prominently in jewelry in 2014 Spring/ Summer.Jewelry Fashions Stylish Jewelry Fashions of the Summer: •    Bold ethnic jewelry is very common and popular in 2014. This means that large necklaces, bracelets and earrings are trendy with women as they look good with both casual wear and also for formal events. These jewelry pieces look very stylish and chic and yet they also have a bohemian look to them. •    Chunky jewelry necklaces with beads and large colorful stones are very popular as they can make even a boring outfit look really stylish and hip. Popular colors in these types of statement jewelry necklaces and bracelets include pink, green, orange, reds and vibrant colors of the summer. •    This fashion season various shades of pink, purple and lilac are favored. So statement jewelry like earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings in these colors are in vogue this season. •    Multicolored beads are in favor with necklaces this summer. Large beaded necklaces either with a variety of colors or even in simple white look really good with formal and casual outfits. •    Multicolored bold and large gemstones are super stylish this summer and go perfectly well with summery outfits. In gemstones colors like light blue, light pink, teal and light green are very chic and fashionable. Swarovski rhinestones make the perfect stones for earrings, pendants and rings. •    Delicate jewelry with intricate designs looks really nice with feminine outfits. Delicate metallic designs with precious stones studded in the jewelry pieces have always been liked and they make a woman look feminine. •    Bohemian style of jewelry this fashion season also includes oxidized jewelry pieces with various innovative designs. Pendants shaped liked hearts, stars, flowers, anchors and a whole host of different innovative designs have become trendy especially with the young women and girls. Jewelry fashions in the summer of 2014 are of wide variety and women can choose whatever that looks good on them and suits the occasion. Jewelry is adored by women and the above trends are the rage with celebrities and women all over the world.

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