Keyword: Ecofriendly fashion-A new but effective trend to be explored.

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Explore the new and trendy range of eco friendly fashion A fashion or trend developed keeping in mind the environmental and social conditions as well as the consequences which it might have on the them is termed Ecofriendly or Sustainable fashion. This is a trend that developed along with the environmental consciousness among the designers forcing them to make clothes using the eco-friendly materials and production techniques to save Mother Earth from falling ill due to pollution by toxic chemicals. Origin of Ecofriendly Fashion Making or manufacturing clothes is not an easy and clean process related with just the thread and weaving machine to stich a garment that will help you to look glamorous . Instead the entire business of clothes manufacturing may rather be termed a dirty process involving at least more than thousands of toxic chemicals being used to extract the actual material that can be utilized to make the finished product. These toxic chemicals, when gets drained and mixed up with the water bodies, cause severe ailments to the aquatic animals and plants leading to their death. With the growing concern of environmental and social consciousness and the disorder caused from these chemical emissions; many textile companies in Britain have come up with the innovative idea and motive of giving shape to the ecofriendly fashion. Two Main Eco -friendly Materials Hemp and organic cotton are considered as the most reliable ecofriendly materials. Hemp, as an ecofriendly as well as sustainable textile fabric helps in keeping you cool even in hot and exhausting weather thereby making you feel comfortable. Hemp clothes are less expensive since there is a minimal need of using artificial fertilizers and pesticides to cultivate the Hemp crop. Talking of Organic cotton on the other hand, while raw cotton is one of the most dirtiest raw material used for manufacturing clothes requiring the use of a lot of chemical substances for extracting the actual and pure cotton that can be used in weaving, organic cotton is best seeking minimum use of chemicals in its processing to obtain the pure cotton content to be used. Positivities involved with the ecofriendly trend While garments made from inorganic or non eco-friendly materials involve less cost in its manufacturing process, there is a huge cost associated with the toxic disposal and clearance procedures. Although these garments are cheap, their usage is limited till their color gets fade as they are mostly dyed with chemical coloring substances. On the other hand, ecofriendly manufacturing method is less expensive relating to its production procedure but its finished products i.e the garments are comparatively expensive because of the organic materials used. They also ensure a long lasting usage to the customers with no or very rare chances of getting fade on washing. Thus Ecofriendly fashion- A new but effective Trend to be explored, comes with a vast range of designs suiting your style.

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