Kitsch Fashions of 2014

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Kitsch is a German word that has been used in English to describe a low brow style of fashion that involves using popular and cultural icons. This style is usually a gaudy style with bright multicolored designs. In 2014, Kitsch fashions have become more mainstream and many fashionable women are seen sporting this casual yet funky style of fashion. The following are some of the Kitsch fashion tips for looking funky yet chic wearing this fashion in 2014:Kitsch Fashions 2014 Kitsch Fashions •    Kitsch fashions are a little childish in style. This means using candy colors and also prints of toys, teddy bears, smileys and cartoon characters on prints is a part of this fashion. •    A major trend is using logos of famous brands on t-shirts. These types of t-shirts look really casual but cool at the same time. Adding an element of shine on the t-shirt is a great idea. •    Kitsch fashions are all about multi-colored designs and prints. This means the fabric has a lot of print on it and there are usually more than 4-5 colors in the prints. Kitsch fashion is similar to bohemian fashion but is also brighter. •    Kitsch fashion is inspired from mass production of goods in the western culture. So popular brands, logos, mascots and symbols of consumerism in western culture are displayed in this type of fashion. •    If you want to look more chic yet follow the kitsch fashion style a great idea is to pair bright neon color prints with a black background to make it attractive. •    There is a lot of scope for experimenting with prints in kitsch fashion. Floral designs, leaves, hearts, cartoons, plants, signs, symbols and animal prints are some examples. •    Kitsch fashion can not only be used in clothing but it is a great fashion for accessories and shoes. Wearing a plain outfit and then using kitsch fashion bags or shoes completely lifts the outfit. •    Also extreme kitsch fashion includes kitsch jewelry and kitsch makeup. This type of fashion is a casual wear fashion. Kitsch fashion is funky and full of color. So this is not a great fashion for very formal events as the wearer will look extremely out of place wearing kitsch fashions at a formal event. Many times we are totally bored of the normal everyday clothing styles. Kitsch fashions are stylish and different if worn in the right way. This fashion is popular in 2014 and is likely to be trendy in the near future as well.

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