Latest Hair Color Ideas

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Changing hair colors can overhaul your whole look and you will never know which shade is best-suited until you have done a little experimenting. Set spring ablaze with a new stunning color and get your inspiration from the palette of celebrity hair hues. The latest color trends, products and advice will leave you inspired and excited to change your look. Each year winter fades away and reveals the beauty of spring. This season, take the cue of spring and shed your winter blues. Warm shades of bold blondes and red brilliant brunettes take your hair out of the dreary and into the springtime sun.Latest Hair Color Best Skin Tone and Hair Type •    Medium to darker skin tones look great in rich hue by adding shine and a subtle richness to brunette locks, but it makes a big difference by adding a shine of mahogany. •    Soft bronze hair color paired with lighter golden highlights that are painted on to create a soft and natural look. •    2014 is the year of the bold, bright blonde. Changing from the golden hues of last year, a platinum or silvery hue is right on point. Light to medium skin tones work best with this light and bright hue. •    A soft, golden copper color highlights, brightens your face and eyes this spring. Flowing curls makes this a style that can easily move from day to night. •    Light skinned beauties look good in purples and pinks, wear this color nicely, starting at dark blonde to medium that can carry this style best. •    Warm rich brunette with slightly lighter brown highlights creates a soft and flattering color that will get you attention all over this spring. •    Medium to dark skin tones look good in warm browns and violets carry this color nicely, while hair that is naturally dark already and in great condition will transition to this color wonderfully. •    Fair to medium skin tones look great in sandy blonde hair color that makes summer feel right around the corner. It is not quite brown nor it is not quite blonde, but this color you will love it. •    Soft auburn is just right as it creates a stunning base for curls, waves and flowing straight hair. Creating a darker shadow at the base of this hair color gives depth. A slight glaze of violet in this dark brown will be gorgeous in the spring sun. •    Bright blonde hair is right on trend this season. Going with soft platinum keeps your skin looking great while you work on getting your summer tan.

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