Latest Hair Trend – Pixie Crop

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Hair trendHair Trends keep changing every season and we all will agree that short haircuts are the best that a woman can choose for herself. Largely influenced in the 70’s, the pixie crop makes a comeback this season. If you feel like updating your hair for autumn you can take inspiration from our favorite lady Beyonce. The singing star has gone for a new latest style for a neat pixie crop with lightened ends. It really takes a brave celebrity to pull off the pixie crop and she looks amazing in this new chic style of haircut. If you don’t want to miss the trend, don’t skip this latest haircut trend that fits nearly everyone and looks more beautiful. Beyonce had great thick long hair and she stunned her fans by chopping her long locks into chic pixie cut and made a bold statement. Super model Coco Rocha also followed Beyonce and cropped her hair in the same style as Beyonce. This shows that the trend that Beyonce started is the biggest beauty trend of this season. When Miley Cyrus revealed her short blonde pixie crop, her fans were stunned with this new look as she always had perfect long hair. But she later confessed that they were not eal, as the former long hair was the result of 350 hair extensions. Some Tips for Pixie Crop Hair Trend A pixie crop is a great style for hair if you have a small bone structure and also small features that will suit your face and make you look attractive. This latest style goes best with oval or heart shaped face and if you have a round face, then please do not go for it. Women with high forehead should go for a longer fringe that will make the face look younger. A crop cut fringe swept to the side will give your pixie crop a new punky look.Haircut Pixie crop is nothing new as we have seen in the past great women like Audrey Hepburn and Mia Farrow with short haircut. But 2013 has brought a whole new crop of celebrities to this short hair social club. Last month Australian beauty Isabel Lucas joined Beyonce and Coco Rocha in getting the chop and she has never looked lovelier. Natalie Portman has also followed the latest group of pixie crop haircut. Rihana has finally given her unruly curls and straightened her natural hair into a sleek pixie crop.

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