Latest Popular Shades in Lipsticks

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One of the most essential makeup products ever is the lipstick. A lipstick has the power to make the entire makeup look attractive. There are so many shades of lipstick, lip color and lip gloss that are worn by women though some are more popular than others. Lipstick colors keep going in and out of fashion depending on the fashion trend of the season. Lipstick is very important for fashionable women and wearing the right lipstick makes all the difference. The following are some of the shades of lipstick, lip gloss and lip colors that are popular this fashion season: Latest Popular Shades in Lipsticks •    The classic scarlet bold red color became very popular in recent times. It works really well with semi-casual as well as formal events and completely makes the face look bright and amazing. •     Another bright color that is very trendy is the reddish-orange lipstick color. It looks nice with bright clothing and is a great color to highlight the lips. Light neon orange and regular orange is also majorly popular in an edgy look. Orange contrasts well with darker clothes or plain white colors in the ensemble. •    Candy wrapper colors like neon orange, florescent pink, purple, lilac and even green and blue are popular with the alternative funky sub culture trendy young crowd. •    Fuchsia is a new color that looks amazing with a black or darker color clothes especially for parties and evening events. •    Another stylish trend that works well in lounges and stylish parties is the ombre lipstick look. This requires various shades of the same color of lipstick. The technique of applying this lipstick is that you apply it in layers from dark to light or vice versa from the bottom lip to the upper lip. •    The classic shades of lipstick in red, pink and orange are always going to be trendy. •    Darker colors like black cherry, dark purple and maroon are amazing for the winter as they work well with the outfits of the season. •    If the makeup consists of dark colors on the eyes then nude color lipsticks are perfect. Almost nude coral color, nude shades of pink and orange and even lip colored nude color that just adds a shine but not much color looks perfect for just stepping out of the house for everyday work and chores. Lipstick is an essential part for the perfect makeup and more colors of lipstick one owns the better so that one can choose the right one for every occasion.

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