Latest Trends in Handbags & Purses

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Accessories especially bags and purses are important part of a women’s ensemble. Women need to carry many items in their handbags when they go out and a great handbag can make a women look fashionable whereas a wrong choice in handbags means the entire outfit looks out of place and not fashionable. Similarly purses and clutches that women carry to various events have to match their outfit or else it can be a fashion disaster. Handbags and Purses have various designs and come and go out of fashion. There are some types of handbags and purses that are in fashion today and the following are some fashionable handbag and purse options to consider this fashion season. Latest Fashions in Handbags and Purses: •    Leather handbags are classically always in fashion and great colors like blacks, browns and maroons are very popular in classic leather handbags this season. These classic handbags are a must in every fashion forward women’s closet and can be paired with different types of outfits. •    Hobo bags or shoulder bags are also in fashion. As it is the fall/ winter season go for darker colors that are not over the top and match the mood of the season as well as the outfits with darker colors that are worn in this season. •    Another important type of bag that is very popular this season is the tote bags. There are many different types of tote bags that are popular and these can be formal bags to take to the office as well as great bags to go shopping or for casual events. These tote bags can be bought in a range of different fabrics and materials. Again buy mature and darker color tote bags this season as they are more in fashion. •     Cross body bags are in fashion for casual events and can be paired with fabulous casual wear like skirts, tees, blouses and jeans. These are casual bags and generally are worn at more informal and social events. •    When it comes to purses, the classic clutch purse is very much in fashion this season. A matching clutch with sparkly embellishments look very nice at evening events whereas leather clutches look really nice for morning events. •    Long shoulder bags made of cotton with ethnic designs are very popular among some people. Handbags and purses are very convenient to carry items when women go out and also add a fashionable look to the ensemble.

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