Leather – A Trendy Fabric of 2014

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Leather is one of coolest fabrics in fashion. The fabric makes anything look hip and stylish. Leather is definitely back in fashion this year in 2014. There has been a lot of experimentation done with leather in 2014 and been totally reinvented to make it a top fashion in 2014. It is a very versatile fashion that can be worn in casual wear as well as party wear. Not just in black but this fashion can be used in a varied range of colors. The following are some of the major fashions in leather in 2014: Leather Fashions 2014: •    The classic leather fashion of the black leather jacket looks perfect for casual wear but also with dresses for party wear. The fitted black leather jacket looks perfect with jeans and a top to make the casual outfit look super trendy. Metallic buttons on leather jackets like those in the 80’s are very fashionable this season. •    Another major fashion of the season is the black leather dress. A perfect combination is the black leather dress with a flared skirt and black lace stockings. Fishnet stockings also look chic with this combination. The black leather dress can be a short dress or a longer dress that ends below the knees. •    Black leather pants are cool chic choice of this year. The fitted black leather short skirt with a nice colored or white blouse looks perfect this year. •    A great leather fashion of 2014 is colored leather. Colors like yellow, red, green, brown and shades of beige are popular with leather. Leather coats, jackets and leather tops and skirts in these colors are particularly popular. Also leather capes in these colors are totally in fashion this year. •    Leather boots are another classic fashion that has come back into fashion year. Ankle length, calf length and knee length leather boots in black, brown, maroon and beige are all popular this season. Ankle length black leather boots with a silver zipper is totally retro yet stylish in 2014. •    Carrying a bulky designer leather bag is stylish. Not only in the classic black color but these leather bags are popular in bright colors as well as colors like off-white and beige. •    More often than not, leather fashions are more fitted than bulky and loose. That is why some of the ensembles that have leather in it require a certain type of figure or else they may not look good.

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