Low Cost Ways to Be Super Fashionable

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Bargain shopping can be turned into a shopping art. Your closet can be overflowing with clothes that not only fit well, but that also express your unique personality and style. The trick is to have a stylish and distinct wardrobe on a budget. This style of shopping is definitely not for everyone. In the beginning you will have to invest more time than you are used to on browsing and rummaging through clothes, quite possibly with very little to show for it. Tips on being fashionable on a low budget •    There’s so much you can do with old clothes. If you have pants that are too long or awkwardly fitting in the leg, but fit your waist, make them into shorts. They can be made into simple cut-offs or you can sew a cuff. Cutting up t-shirts is also an option, as well as creating your own design on the back of shorts or pants. •    If you have designer clothes or any other clothes or accessories like sunglasses, shoes, scarves, hats, etc. that you think could yield a profit, resell them. This cleans out your closet and allows you to earn more money to buy new clothes. •    Find out where discount stores are where you live, as well as where any thrift stores and second-hand stores may be located. These stores can be helpful for a specific search and see what works for you best. •    Be careful about return policies. Because the clothes are discounted, they usually can only be returned for store credit or are non-refundable. Don’t hesitate to try stuff on and be confident in your purchases. •    Although most clothes in discount stores are supposedly flawed, most are unnoticeable and do not affect the quality of the product. A wide range of clothing can be found in discount stores and some are better quality than others. •    Visit your current favorite stores, as well as stores you may not normally go into. The more places you try, the better luck you will have. It takes time to figure out which stores have the best sales, but the research can pay serious dividends. •    Saving money on great clothes can be one of the most satisfying experiences. Buying clothes isn’t a vital aspect to life, but wearing clothes that fit and you love, really makes a difference in your self-confidence and overall mood. You don’t always have to buy from the bargain rack but you can find some truly amazing smart clothes for even more amazing prices.

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