Maintaining Different Hair Lengths

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Boy cut 1boy cut 2 Hair is your best jewel if maintained and groomed nicely. Every women hair quality and length varies and thus one should know how to groom. The product and accessories vary largely on the length of your hair. Long, short, medium length or till shoulders, no matter what your length is, the priority should be to have healthy hair. Below are the basic tips to maintain hair of different lengths. Short Length Hair: By short, here I mean bob cut, pixie style and the likes. The concept of short length is above your neck or just covering it. It is very trendy, easy to maintain and best summers style. For short hair, you can try mousse, serum and gels to set them in different ways like bouncy, straight, flat, curly or spikey. Also lot of glittering accessories can be matched to short hair, cute pins, head bands and clips. Try colouring them and adding highlighters that suit your age and face. With short hair there is easy maintenance, chic style personality and morning time for the busy women. If you have short hair, keep your neck are always clean, treat any hair growing near the ear area, and get a haircut that suits your face shape. Long Length hair: They say, men are attracted to women with long hair, shiny heavy locks of hair flowing down the waist. Though it’s said that maintaining long hair is a heavy task, but of you love your long locks then a little effort in glorifying them is never hurts. For long hair, deep conditioning is a must as they tend to roughen easily, regular trimming and oiling for root care. Tie them in a bun, a pleat, keep them loose, tie half in a clutch, try soft curls as there is enough length to flaunt, etc. There are so many hair styles that are possible with long lengths. Wash them often, keep scalp healthy, do not have dry tips, condition the entire length equally, do not use tight bands and always experiment with the hair if not the length. Long hair is a timeless beauty. Anybody can flaunt them as it suits all faces. With a little more effort and care, long hair can be your best asset.shoulder cut Medium Length Hair:  Well if your hair falls in this category, having shoulder length or above the waist, then you are the free bird who can mess up with any style. Keep them loose, high pony, short pleat, small bun, loosely tie etc. Whatever style you try with medium length hair make you look different from the other as there are so many options. They require the basic care of washing, conditioning, trimming and oiling, you don’t have to manage much in medium lengths. If you are a creative and stylish person then making different styles will be fun for you. The best tip for medium length is to understand your length. Know how much is medium length, shoulder length suits you or little longer or little above the shoulder bones and you are good to go. No matter what is your length, a shiny, bouncy, healthy and good coloured hair is the best maintenance ever.

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