Major Accessory Trends this Fall

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A simple way to enhance your daily outfit is by using attractive accessories that will add spice to your clothes. If you follow fashion trends you can include the latest trends in accessories to add some style to your wardrobe. There are many new trends introduced in the fall and winter fashion of 2013 this year. From famous runways to street style fashions one can notice the changes in the fashion industry in accessories and in clothes. Purses and Handbags Purses and Handbags Handbags and purses are very important and useful accessory in a woman’s life. Small handbags are one of the most recent types of bags that are seen in New York and are popular with the fashionistas. Large handbags with small handles worn on the wrist from designers like Dior, Nina Ricci, Dolce & Gabbana and many others are being used by Celebrities this season. Portfolio bag is another trend seen from fall fashion weeks. Another trend that is noticed is shades of gray in fall clothing line and also used in accessories this season of 2013.  Boots, Purses, Hats, Heels, and scarves all in variety of gray color will be familiar on all the store shelves this season. Accessories made from sterling silver will be very common this upcoming season. This season you can use accessories made from rich earth tones like blacks, grays, deep reds that will keep your spirit warm as the weather cools down. Punk Rock The fall and winter 2013 lines include spiked and studded leather ware that includes jewelry, shoes, bags and other accessories. This season some edgy concepts like razor blades, spikes, mock razor wire and chains are seen among people who like and follow punk fashions in accessories. Faux Fur Faux Fur continues to be in and out of style every year. According to a popular style magazine this faux fur will be seen on handbags, hats, clutches, the cuffs and the trim of jackets. This type of style may be seen in some urban areas. Hair Accessories Sometimes fashion week trends cannot be followed in normal life but the hair accessories seen recently can be easily adapted in your daily life. It’s always very feminine and pretty to wear flowers in your hair and the retro yet modern look was feminine and easy to recreate by using hair accessories in the form of flower clips and pin in flowers for a great look. These were some type of accessories used this season to enhance your look for 2013 fall fashions.

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