Major Fashion Trend The Color White

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White is a color that never goes out of fashion. While other colors come and go, white color is forever a hot trend especially in hot seasons. White is associated with purity, innocence, gentleness and women always look lovely in their snowy white wedding dress. The hottest non color for 2013 this season is the color white. White color dominated the runway as one of the biggest trends for the fashion conscious women. To see the last moment in the world of fashion the stylish ladies flocked to the runway to have a glimpse of latest trends they can follow this year of 2013. There was one trend that dominated the shows this season, which was color white for well known designers like Alexander Wang, Cesar Galindo, Sass and Bide etc. to name a few among them. The first major show of this fashion week was a success with the fashion crowd which had a fresh collection of crisp and simple pieces in a palette of white. In the second half they moved to darker hues but most of the memorable pieces liked by all, were head to toe ensemble that gave a refreshing face lift to 2014. The designers believed that the market was saturated by a lot of colors and so this was a time for change that was appreciated by the fashionistas. From runway to real way was a true way that described the flaunted fashions that are likely to trend this retail season. Many collections from popular designers showed a practical approach to wearability and adaptibiliy from models to mainstream women. Trends this Season The color white is a refreshing choice as past few seasons saw vibrant colors and bold prints. Some of the good styles showcased and seen on streets or red carpet are head to toe white, belly baring tops, flowing feminine, contrasting neutrals, global and nature inspired prints, retro remixed, casual sporty silhouettes and smattering of sparkle. Many designers explored the soothing potential of white that gives mental and physical purity to our wardrobe. White is also a popular color in fashion that matches well with any other color and is also a good choice for tops or shirts as it readily goes with blue denim jeans, khaki pants or colorful Bermudas. Now that the New York fashion week has come and gone, all that is left is the sea of predictions and trends that will be followed by fashionistas all over the world this year.

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