Major Lingerie Fashions 2014

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Lingerie has fast moved from its roots of modesty to becoming mainstream, evolving with new fabrics, designs and trends. Every aspect of an outfit must be stylish and fashionable and this includes lingerie. Lingerie means inner wear and there are some leading brands all over the world that showcase the best in lingerie fashions. Lingerie fashions have changed over the decades as women have experimented with them over time. Every year or every fashion season lingerie fashions keep changing according to the latest trends in the fashion world. Stylish lingerie is a great choice as compared to simple plain inner wear. Same is the case for 2014. This year also there have been some great sexy lingerie trends that have hit the runway and the fashion stores all over the world. The following are some of the latest styles in lingerie in 2014:Lingerie Fashions Major Lingerie Fashions 2014 •     A nice sexy night shirt with a pair of silk panties is a great idea. Do not wear uncomfortable inner wears as they will cause discomfort to you. •    Pastel hues were one of the main prevalent trends on the spring 2014 runways. •    Lace is the most popular fabric in lingerie and it continues to be so in 2014. Lingerie in different colors with lace is very much in fashion this season. •    Feminine colors like pinks and purple are in vogue. Along with that, bold colors like red, orange, green and blue are also seen. •    Black is a great choice for lingerie. Darker colors like black or dark blue look really sensuous and are trendy this season. •    Cute ribbons, bows and see through lace patterns are perfect for lingerie designs in 2014. •    Bright candy colors like oranges, corals and yellows are popular when it comes to clothes as well as shoes. These colors have continued into lingerie wear as well. Lingerie in these colors is particularly fashionable this season. •    Designer lingerie that is “no frills” and has an athletic look to it is in trend this season. This fashion includes sporty bras and no frills panties. This is a great look for women who do not like too much lace or frills or add-ons like bows and ribbons etc. •    Multicolored lingerie with geometrical designs is another great lingerie fashion this season. Women mostly like lingerie without prints; however, the horizontal stripes fashion that is very much visible in clothes is also trending in lingerie wear these days. Above were some of the amazing lingerie fashions that have been popular in 2014.

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