Major Shoes Fashions of Summer 2014

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Shoes are a very important part of fashion and most women love to buy new shoes all the time. Like accessories and clothing, shoes fashions are followed by fashionable women or else the whole look is ruined. Shoes play a major role in fashion and there are different types of shoes that can be worn for different occasions. Summer of 2014 saw some cool shoe trends. There are a wide variety of options in stylish shoes to choose from this summer depending on the type of outfit that you wear and the occasion or event that you have to attend. The following are some of the major shoe fashion of the summer of 2014: Shoes Fashions of Summer 2014: •    This summer, ankle length pants and jeans have become super chic and trendy. So the shoes are very visible in the ensemble and have to be very stylish. With such jeans and pants, high heels look really good. So ankle high shoes, boots and heels are very much the trend of the season. •    Strappy ankle length shoes, ankle length boots with leather straps, chunky heels with ankle straps and peep toes with ankle straps are all in vogue this fashionable summer of 2014. •    Pumps are very much popular this season. Mono colored pumps are trendier than multicolored ones and simple pumps without any designs or patterns look effortlessly beautiful this season. •    The colors that are popular in shoes this season are white, black, greys, reds, browns, nudes and blues. High heels with a combination of two colors also look really good together. •    Leather is back in fashion and is seen in high heels, flats as well as in boots. Leather not just in black but also in greys, browns and blues is also very popular this year in the summer. •    High heels with embellishments are cute and cool at the same time. The embellishments make the designs of the shoes very visible and make the shoes an instant style statement. If you wear a plain outfit, wearing shoes with these embellishments completes the look beautifully. •    Lots of shimmer and shine in gold and silver for special occasions is seen in shoes this year. Also shimmer in other colors both dark color as well as pastels is trendy this summer. Flats with golden and silver straps are perfect for the summer of 2014. Shoes are an essential and important part of fashion and above are some of the shoes trends of the summer of 2014 season.

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