Makeup Makeovers

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Makeup is loved by most women all over the world. It has the power to completely makeover a look. Makeup is very important to help highlight the beauty of a woman. There are many makeup products available today that help a woman hide blemishes, acne and dark spots on the face and truly highlight the key features of the face like eyes, lips, cheeks and showcase a flawless look. Makeup has the potential to transform a Plain Jane into a true beauty and diva. It is important to know how to put makeup so that makeup can enable a true beauty makeover. The following are some products that are essential to create a true beauty makeover using makeup: Makeup Makeover Products •    Concealer, Foundation and Primer- After washing the face, applying concealer on blemishes and any acne or dark spots on the face will conceal them. The foundation will give an even skin tone and the primer will help improve the coverage. •    Eye Makeup- Mascara is an essential product to give color and volume to the eye lashes. Eye liner gives a nice definition to the eyes when applied outside the upper and lower rims of the eye. Light eye shadow works for a day event and a bold dark eye shadow with glitter for an evening out, makes a lot of sense. A brow pencil is essential to give a nice shape and color to the brows. •    Lips- For a makeup to work, the right lipstick is essential. Generally women have at least five to six different shades and colors of lipstick to choose from. Lighter colors again work well in the day time whereas darker shades are perfect with evening wear. Lipsticks need to work well with the type of occasion and the outfit. Gloss works perfectly for casual events. Colors like pinks, reds, maroons and shades of purple are classic lipsticks colors. •    Blush-on is a great way to highlight the cheeks. Make sure it is not over the top and the right shade that goes well with the makeup. Start the blush-on with the right brush from the edge of the high cheekbone area and then work it inwards on the cheek. A rule for makeup is that one must not put over the top makeup. If the lips are bold then keep the rest of the makeup minimalistic. Similarly if the eyes are bold like the smoky eye look, then keep the rest of the makeup also minimalistic. Makeup makeovers can create fabulous looks for a woman.

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