Makeup – Top Trends of 2014

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When you see a celebrity’s before makeup and after makeup photos you see the power of makeup in creating that fabulous look. Makeup is very important part of fashion for women and even a little makeup goes a long way in making a woman feel and look prettier and more beautiful. Makeup has greatly evolved in the last decade or so and every year there are some great trends in makeup that are followed by the leading Fashionista’s of the world. The following are some of the top trends in fashion in 2014: Top Makeup Trends of 2014: •    Makeup technology has improved nowadays and it also does not look very made up these days. These days makeup does not mean a thick cakey layer of foundation on the face. Innovations like the CC creams and powder foundations give makeup a more light and natural look that gels with the skin making it glow and look very natural. •    Natural look cheekbones are in fashion, which means that just foundation and concealer will be enough for this natural look. Light blush-on is enough but avoid a bright blush-on which is not very popular this summer. •    This fashion season your makeup should be more concentrated on the eyes and lips of the face. It should look natural and it should look as if you have just gone for a dramatic effect on eyes or lips or both depending on the type of event you are wearing the makeup for. •    Eye makeup is essential this season. Dramatic eyes or the Smokey eye makeup looks really nice for both day as well as evening events. Dark eyeliner and a great blend of colors for the eye-shadow are perfect to get a dramatic look. For parties and night outs, glitter is a great option in eye makeup. Glitter eye shadow makes the entire makeup look really glamourous. •    For nail paints, bold and vibrant colors are in fashion and also ombre nails are very much in vogue this season. Glitter and nail art on nails are fashions that are very cool this year and many women get their nails specially done with nail art for special occasions. •    For the lips, bright colors like oranges and reds are very much popular. Bold statements in makeup can be made by colors like reds and oranges as they make the entire makeup stand out. Always remember that makeup must suit you and it must also suit the occasion for which you are wearing the makeup.

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