Makeup Trends for Winter

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MakeupGet inspired by the beauty trends that were set to roll out as the weather cooled down. There were five prominent makeup trends amongst a sea of equally beautiful looks and the best part is they were all wearable. From eyes to lips and skin, it’s all typically rich and Wintery enough to have you greeting the cold season like an old friend. For winter, make-up artists have taken spring’s trends and developed them for the new season, with the introduction of petal and berry stains to replace matte lips. A move toward more grown-up, ladylike makeup is also worthy of note in line with fashion’s own style, whilst youthful dewy skin has moved aside to make way for a flawless, velvety finish. Everything you need to know about Makeup Trends for winter 2013 is right here. It’s important to choose shades that match appropriately with the season’s latest makeup and beauty trends. Certain colors look better in winter than they do in spring or summer. The wintertime is not all about dark colors; it is more about how you take care of your skin and how you can really bring out the beauty within you. Along with changing out your wardrobe, changing out your cosmetics for winter is a great way to fit right in with the season. No-makeup, makeup is big again this season and it’s all about finding your perfect base. For a feminine look, you can use petal stained lips. Makeup artists spend long hours on the skin than the rest of the makeup to get the perfect skin look that shows like you don’t need any makeup because you look so beautiful when you are natural. Some Makeup Trends this Season •    Go glam with statement eye makeup for this cold season. The purple, green or blue eye shadow will be your look for the party season. •    Gold eye shadows are perfect for this winter season. Gold eye shadow color will pair well with chocolate brown. •    Caramel brown is a great shade of eyeliner to wear as well as for eye shadow. It has a soft golden hue that is a nice mix between brown and gold. •    Vampy lips, Wine-stained lips, Pink lips, Plum lips and dark berry tones are on trend this season. •    Rose is great to wear in the season as a lipstick because it softens up the face and creates a nice feminine glow for a youthful touch. Plum is a deeper color of purple that won’t seem so bright and overbearing and it is super fashionable too.

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