Men and Their Fashion Style

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This time I won’t be partial with the ladies but will bring out the masculine side of the Fashion Highway. It’s not right to deck them up in black suits and call it the best effort. There so much more a man can do with fashion and create trends. How? Well a black tuxedo may melt many hearts but so much color can be maneuvered with the men wardrobe. Why only clothes? When hairstyles, scarves, bags, wallets and shoes are fashion details even for the male brigade. Open your eyes and ears to the latest hairstyles and hair colors that can make 360 degree change in your outlook. It’s a happy feel to see men shedding boring black trousers and blue shirts. The latest eye candy is fabulous colors available in trousers and jeans, trendy linen shorts and summer cool barmudas. Fun lies in the color palette where the best brands in market are offering pastel browns, reds, orange, green and whites. This is unlike what you thought of “men pants” right? In the tees and shirts section, there is a lot to try out. Men on ramp have been sporting pink, peaches and wine shades as elegantly as the female models. They have created fashion options for you for example to wear a jacket, scarf or flaunt the shirt in bold colors. Yes, now even men think. There is a variety in business suits with comfort threads and details being added on.  What I love about writing on men fashion trends is that there are provisions to explore every season. For accessories you could go vintage, street smart or luxury in belts, bags, wallets and shoes totally depending on purpose. From the young boys to matured working men, the fashion market finds them both vulnerable and lucrative. The men fashion guide for starters only has two rules; first is to know what is apt to wear with your age (it’s not cool when you see flattering torn jeans on a 30+) and second, think beyond brown and blues.  To what I may conclude men have no excuse to go blunt over why to shop! It’s not only the entrants of colors and fabrics but also the lifestyle demands that the market is following now. This has open doors to many designers who aspired to invent different cuts for men.

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