Metallic Fashions – Popular Style of 2014

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Metallic colors that have come into fashion are in vogue in 2014. Matte metallic fashions and shimmery and glossy metallic colors are both in fashion and look super stylish for casual wear as well as formal chic events. Metallic fashion is seen in clothing, footwear, accessories and also in makeup to a large extent in 2014. These fashions look appealing and modern and look trendy at the same time. The following are some of the metallic fashions that are very popular in 2014:Metallic Fashions Metallic Fashions 2014: •    In metallic clothing, gold and silver metallic colors are appealing and stylish this year. Short gold or silver dresses are great for a night out with friends and some gold or silver gowns look absolutely breathtaking for evening formal events. •    Short party metallic dress with a fitted or a flared skirt in different fun colors like pink, blue, gold or silver look amazing. Matching a plain blouse with a stylish metallic short skirt is a great choice. This option makes the outfit look stylish without it being too over the top. •    In accessories, handbags and clutches are both very well suited with metallic colors. Clutches in metallic colors studded with rhinestones look very stylish. •    A plain outfit can be made appealing by wearing a shiny metallic belt on the outfit. Also metallic statement jewelry in colors like gold and silver look particularly in vogue this year and can be worn for a variety of different kinds of events. •    Another type of metallic fashion that is really charming and fun is shimmery metallic fashion. Shimmer created in an outfit by adding rhinestones, Swarovski crystals and sequins look very elegant and super stylish at the same time. They make the outfit shine and make it look super chic. •    Gold & silver metallic designs are also very popular with wedding dresses as they look really charming and elegant with the color white. •    One of the most prominent parts of metallic fashion is footwear. High golden or silver strappy heels are perfect to wear with cocktail dresses, gowns, stylish short skirts, blouses and even with fashionable tops and shorts. Metallic flats look good as they make casual outfits look stylish. Metallic fashions are one of the most stylish looks of the year. As mentioned above this chic fashion has a variety of options to choose from and fashion forward women can decide on the metallic fashions that they like the best.

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