Metamorphosing Canvas: The changing colours of next spring

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The past two seasons have seen candy shades and sherbet tones as being the dominant trend when it came to spring fashion. Next spring, however, will be totally different. If the dominant colour palettes of the ongoing Fashion Weeks are put in perspective and if they continue to dominate all through the coming year, chances are you’ll be wearing Persimmon, Lemon Chiffon, and Periwinkleor Indigo. For those of you hoping for a more flashy canvas like Electric Violet or Hot Pink, fret not for spring coloursalthough very lively and cheerful,they pair well with most skin tones as well as dark jeans. So basically, the colours that you set aside for winter, will work just as well in the spring.
Parallel between Art and Fashion
Inspired by all things artistic, couturiers this time have drifted toward a palette that is in itself soothing and calming. Next spring’s shades enchant and captivate us while conveying a blissful and jubilant picture of a world where there are no restrictions on expressing a joyous and lively rendition of ourselves. Artists such as Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh, Goya and Rembrandt who are noted for using bold and forceful colours and prominent lines and structural shapes, played a prominent role in this season’s as well as next spring’s palette. An example of this would be Snorkel Blue which plays in the navy family, but with a merrier frame of reference. The name itself infers a relaxing retreat and urges one to escape.

The Global Connect revisited
The colours were also inspired by the global world and the increased interconnectivity and inter-dependence which we are now seeing. Surprisingly, the desire to disconnect with the world and sit back and unwind was also hugely influential. Both of these paradoxes are reflected in the designs that have a multicultural backdrop as well as a focus towards comfort and ease. The colours of spring, in turn, evolved into much more relaxed and serene hues.Fiesta would be a good example of this. This strong and energetic hue brings forth excitement, and encourage sun restricted discovery and exploration to mysterious but welcoming milieus. This lucid shade of the Yellow and Red families, embodies the stark contrast between the staying in range and switching off.
The Urban-Rural dichotomy
The contrast of metropolitan illustration and greenery also played an influential role, which paved the way to astonishing and unanticipated colour sequences and combinations and fashion indicative of architecture, travel and reminiscence. By fashioning looks that genuinely epitomizes the world we live in, both natural and man-made, designers strived to provoke a sense of contemplation and reflection, pursued by spirited escapism.
To transcend socio-gender norms
The colours of next spring represent our collective effort to rise above discrimination. Dramatic and striking colours yield to enthusiasm and positivity, yet calm solidity reigns in next spring’s palette. For next spring, there are really no discernible differences in colour choices in the context of gender. It reflects a desire to breathe and contemplate, and then play.

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