Midriffs Fashion Fest for 2013

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  lady in printed shortLady in black top 1Lady walk on rampSo let’s get little flirtatious here. Let’s do a little peek-a-boo with fashion because midriffs are back. Last year crop tops are still making rounds on the fashion ramp  and to accompany them are midriffs skirt that are again a parading from late 90’s. It’s like a midriff fest this summer bringing some craziness in your wardrobe.  I know it is daring and a little uncomfortable for some ladies to show some skin, but if carried in the best attitude and by the correct body type, it is pure trend blast. Lady in gray short Lady in red and black strip Some grammatical patterns and animal prints on high waist straight cut skirts and short complimenting blouses is a regular on international ramp now. Also a mixed bag of short length jeans and cute skirts with a sneak of midriff is creating rumours. It’s rather nostalgic attire for those who admire 80’s and 90’s trend. To make you more comfortable with this ‘exposed’ trend, let me name few top notch designers who are supporting it. The very famous Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton, Jonathan Saunders, Vogue and many more good names are going back to ‘crop-tops’. From the A-listers class, pretty faces like Rihanna, Diane Kruger, Kimberley Walsh, Cat Deeley, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lawrence and many more are parading midriffs with style. Is that enough reason to stop calling it a tacky trend and actually dare to be little flirty this season? You can be flexible with the length and cut of the skirt and top. Also try trousers, shorts, skirts or tunics depending on what comforts you. If you are the subtle ‘fashionista’ then carrying a jacket with midriffs cuts the odd-feel of skin show. The most talked about midriffs patterns are the prison black & white, horizontal broad lines, animal prints, metallic prints and single neon colour combinations. So there is much variety already in market. The kind of  body midriffs are made for is not skinny but muscular. You have to have strong abdominal muscles. Any lumping fat is a big turn-off when wearing midriffs. You can even dramatize it with some cocktail neck pieces and chunky bracelets.  You can have the freedom to carry heels with them as it adds to the length cut off by midriffs.  So there is lot of style and madness that midriff dresses are bringing in and creating moods for fashion fests. Do not miss them. After all it’s a lady’s job to look sexy!

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