Most Popular Hairstyles of the Season

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Hair styles are very important in the entire ensemble of a woman. A great hairstyle makes an awesome style statement whereas a bad hairstyle can ruin an entire look. Hairstyles over the last few decades have changed dramatically. Hairstyles come and go out of fashion every year and in fact every fashion season. Hairstyles in 2014 are also quite distinct and also very cool and fashionable. Top celebrities are wearing their hair according to latest hairstyles as they look trendy and modern. The following are some of the best hairstyles that are very popular in this fashion season. Popular Hairstyles of the Season •    The side braid is very popular this season. It looks really stylish and is an effortless style. Even a messy side braid looks good so there is very little effort involved. A casual fish tail side braid looks amazing with every day wear as well as with formal outfits. The French braid also looks super chic and is very popular this fashion season. •    Another braid fashion that looks very casual yet chic is called the “waterfall” braid that stretches horizontally across the back of the head with fabulous curls spiraling down the back. The waterfall braid with curls is a popular look of the season. •    The bob cut has been a major hairstyle for years. But the newest fashion that is inspired by the bob cut is the “lob” or the long bob cut. •    Long straight hair with a middle parting is a very classic hairstyle but this hairstyle is now back in fashion with a twist. Women are wearing their hair in this look with the ombre hair look. This means that the long straight hair changes shades of color from dark to light. This is a great fashion and has been worn by celebrities, super models and fashionable reality stars. •    Long curly hair with ombre hair color is also a great hair style of the season. Side swept bangs are still very much in fashion this season and look good with both brown and blonde hair. •    Among the short hair styles, wavy hair bobs, short haircuts with layered bangs and the pixie haircut are trendy this season. Above were some of the top hairstyles of the season. Hairstyles need to suit the face or else even if they are trendy, they would not look that good. So make sure you choose a trendy and fashionable hairstyle that also suits you and your style.

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