Must Haves in Every Fashionista’s Wardrobe

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Every fashion conscious and trendy women has to have a fabulous wardrobe. A good dressing sense is what makes a woman stand out in a crowd and get noticed as a fashionista. Fashion conscious women tend to have a huge wardrobe but there are certain essential clothing items that you will find in every fashionable and trendy woman’s closet. The following are a list of clothing items and accessories that one has to have in the closet: Must Haves in a Fashionista’s Closet: •    Little Black Dress: The Little Black Dress or the LBD is a must have in every trendy woman’s closet. The LBD has seen a lot of changes in how it looks since it became popular decades ago but this clothing item is still very fashionable and a must have in the closet. •    Jeans: Good quality designer jeans are very important in a woman’s closet. Black, blue and colored jeans are a must have in the closet and the trend today is to wear slim fit jeans. •    Shoes: When it comes to dressy shoes, leather boots as well as winter boots that look super trendy are a must have in the closet. A fashionable woman’s closet is not complete without at least having a few good pair of high heels. Black, red, nude, gold and silver are high heel colors that go with most outfits. Strappy heels, pumps and ballet flats are three types of footwear that are must in every trendy woman’s closet. •    Cashmere Cardigan: These keep you warm and look super trendy as well in the winter season. So to have a cashmere cardigan in the closet is really trendy for winter. •    Belts: A broad belt and a thin belt are essentials in the closet. These make an outfit look fabulous when added to it. They accentuate the waist line on dresses and make you look really trendy and modern. Black, red, beige are good colors for belts. •    Leather Jacket: Every fashionable woman must have a leather jacket preferably black in the closet. It looks super cool, are trendy and makes an outfit look chic. •    Sunglasses & Handbags: A woman needs at least two or three pairs of gorgeous sunglasses and some gorgeous handbags that work well with different outfits. •    Skirts and Shorts: Denim shorts and skirts are really great to wear in the summer months. Also high-waisted skirts and form fitting skirts look really good on women.

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