Nail Paint Styles for the Trendy Summer

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Nail paint or nail polish has been a favorite for women all over the world. The trends in nail polish keep changing all the time and it is a really fun makeup product that makes nails look fashionable and hip. In the last couple of years it is not fashionable to just paint your nails as nail art has also become very popular with fashion conscious women in the world today. The following are some of the nail paint fashions that are popular and trendy this summer:Nail Paint For Trendy Summer Nail Polish Styles for the Summer: •    The most important rule of nail paint is that it has to look good with the outfit and match the occasion for which it is worn. If this is not the case, however trendy the nail paint is, it will look very clumsy and out of fashion. •    This summer the truly lovable colors in nail paints include various shades of green, black, blue, orange, punk, yellow and red. •    Fashionable nail paint colors this summer also include metallic shiny colors like silver and golden that gives a bright shimmery look to your nails. •    Ombre nails have been very much in vogue for quite some time now. This summer the ombre nails trend has been taken a step further and a truly appealing fashion is the rainbow nails with all the beautiful colors of the rainbow. •    To add a little glamour to the nail paints this season another trend is shimmer nails which is totally in fashion right now. •    When it comes to nail art there are a host of fashionable options to choose from. Summery designs like floral prints, polka dots, butterfly designs, leopard prints and geometrical designs are very appealing this summer fashion season. •    Darker colors look really good for evening fashions and shimmery bright colors go well with casual daytime events. •    Ombre nails using different shades of the single color are in vogue this summer. Bright colors, blues and greens are popular with ombre nail styles. The idea is to start with a lighter shade of the color and then gradually move towards darker shades of the same color. Nail Paint makes the makeup complete and without nail paint, bare nails can make an ensemble look incomplete. For great nail art and fabulous manicures, go to a reputed salon for best results. Suitable for the occasion and according to the fashion of the season, you can opt for the perfect nail paint style.

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