Nail Paint Trends of the Season

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One of the biggest accessories on the runways of late is the nail paint trends. Nail art may be dying down, but the right color is everything this season. There are some top trends on the runways as well as for street fashion that you need to know for getting the perfect chic look. Winter nail colors are starting to roll out. The following are some examples of trendy nail paint fashions this season:Nail Paint Trends Top Nail Paint Fashions: •    While black still cast its spell on nails on the runways, new alternatives to the moody hue that were inspired by the darkest shades of the earth and sky also look great. The big three favorite are gold, silver and bronze when it comes to metallic nail colors are always trendy. •    On the catwalks, glitter either flecked nails add the dazzling effect. But if you think you’ve seen every glitter polish possible, you haven’t seen anything as stunning. The multi size sparklers found in nail paints make them jewel showpieces. •    The catwalks have showed that autumn/winter 2013 nails should look super-groomed, whatever color or texture trend you buy into. Whether your new season wardrobe is featuring punk or glam ladylike looks, a good nail polish is always in fashion. •    Wear a clear or neutral base color and swipe glitter polish across the tips of your nails. This is a more simple yet eye-catching way to wear your glitter. Almost every other runway this season showcased shine free fingertips. Neutral modern colors with matte finish and jewel tones in matte that appear velvety-smooth are in fashion this season. Matte adds body to nail color. While you can opt for nail colors with built-in matte, new clear matte top coats will zero out the shine on any of your polish hues. •    There are a few notable trends this season. Jewel tones are huge this fashion season. Metallics are also everywhere, as are hue-changing nail paints. Big sparkly glitters seem to be waning a bit, but you can still definitely find them this season. •    The color grey is still having a moment and when it comes to nails. One of the favorite this season is a pale, creamy dove grey with a hint of blue navy in the new black. The dark hue is bold without looking too harsh or Goth-like is also in trend this fashion season. Try it in an opaque and shimmer-free. The above were some of the nail polish trends of the season.

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