Natural makeup for gorgeous skin

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Natural makeup is not very difficult if you know the basics.
We all love to look flawless and effortlessly beautiful but that is not always possible. There are many ladies who have been trying to look for ways by which they won’t have to dab on heavy foundation every day and yet look gorgeous in their own skin. There are ways by which this is possible.

Here is an everyday routine which involves just a natural makeup to create the magic.

Natural Makeup

1. Cleanse it out- Use a nice face wash to clear out all the dirt and earlier makeup from your face. Clear your face properly and then dry it out. Moisturizing is very important for your face’s nourishment so use an effective moisturizer to moisturize your skin.

2. Use light foundations– There are various types of foundations available in the market. Go for a light or powder foundation as it can do the trick for you. Apply it on the oily parts of your face to tone it.

3. Conceal it- Use a light concealer on the dark spots or blemishes of your skin. This will help in reducing their appearance or in better cases, it will hide their appearance. This will make your face look spotless and pretty. Use it around and under your eyes to get rid of the dark circles.

4. Blush on- Use a little blush on to give the look of the original pinkness and redness of your cheeks. Very light use of blush on looks very attractive and natural which is the beauty of it.

5. Compact it- To avoid all the excessive sweat on your face because of the hot weather, use a compact. It helps to keep your skin away from sweat and also blends in the foundation and concealer.

6. Eye makeup– We are trying to keep it all simple and natural so you can use eyeliner to define your eyes or you could even use a kohl kajal to add some dramatic yet simple effect to your eyes.

7. Zip it with lip effect- Now because we want everything to be natural so try going for nude or very light shades. Peach and nude or light brown lip shades can be the right shades for you.


Natural makeup is an easy way to look beautiful and flawless everyday without any heavy makeup and it is equally easy to do as well.

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