Neon Accessories – 2013 Trends

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It seems nowadays, everywhere you look your eye catches something that is bright and bold and this is the popularity of the neon color. Neon Trends are for the bold and the brave or for those who want to add some bright life to their closet. Neon has come a long way and is very popular this season of 2013 in clothes, shoes, lips, nails, hand bags and accessories. Flashy clothes and styles are what everyone is looking for this year. This season the fashion is having atleast one type of clothing or accessory in neon color. By combining a neon item with other clothing in neutral colors is the style that is popular this summer. princess cut necklace Neon colors are not for everyone as some find them a bit scary. If you choose a neon color that suits you and match it properly with other colors it will work wonders. In this case because of the brightness of neon, less is more so do not wear all neon. Neon is described as bright, fluorescent and happy color. If you are going to wear neon, match your neon with colors which are not bright or opposite to neon color. Black goes very well with neon because it gives a good background for the neon. For example wear neon colored shirts with black pants. Accessories in Neon This is a perfect timing to wear bright clothing and vibrant accessories. Accessories are essential to add a little spunk to your dressing. You can try neon hair grips like glitter or frosted clips, metallic headbands or banana clips in bright orange, yellow or pink shade of neon to tuck in your hair. Match your neon nail polish with your neon top and if you are wearing neutral color clothes then you can be stylish by carrying a neon handbag or trendy neon clutches. Sometimes your shoes makeup for your simple clothes, so go for neon shoes to look attractive. Whether you prefer flat sandals or sky high heels you are sure to get neon colored shoes of your choice. Colorful eyewear is another trend in neon with many shades and patterns to choose from. You can purchase neon accessories and decide about how to match them with the clothes and events you are going to attend. Neon colored Bike accessories is also very popular and available in plenty in the stores. Cycling tights, cycle guards, cycling vest and chain guard protector all in attractive neon colors are seen on the streets. There is tons of neon jewelry in necklaces, bracelets, earrings, watches and even phone covers you can buy.

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