Nude Nails 365 Trend

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It may have been a boring to start for nude nail colors but Winter 2012 donned it convincingly.   For what I have followed nude nail paints is a year round trend and have been famous on and off ramp. Thus calling it a “365 trend” is totally acceptable by the fashion owls; even the celebrities and “who’s who” have been spotted donning the nude shades casually. It’s an easy way to make dry dark hands in winters as sober neat looking ones, and quick to apply equal to a economical manicure relief. The colors are a hit as it suits even the reluctant non-trenders.  Why am I so excited? Well I ought to, being a. avid fan of sober pastel shades, nude nails are a hit on any occasion and for any season.  Hues like soft pinks, peach, sexy beige, mild lemon, seasoned gold and light browns are limited ones but enough for nude color category. The darker hues are big NO for winters and likely dry seasons, when compared, these nude nail paints are lesser worry and easy to maintain. A floral white dress or crisp black suit, you may match nude colors with anything ladies. It’s a great balance to the hot red lips and smoky eyes, a good pick when you think everything is too much on you.  What’s more to it? My personal tip is “sparkling nail art”. Adding up little sparkle onto the nude nails glam up the entire look of your hands and voila! You’re ready to party. Also a dash of neon color with sober nude nail paint can look awesome.  It’s on you how you choose and use the base color. The best method is to match it up with your natural tone, for example, medium tone may go for gold or light bronze shades, the fair skin tones can experiment with pink, peaches and even beige.  Try not to go for too bright nude shades as your hands tend to look dark or if you have chosen the wrong shade the color may start to look like faded neon. The only maintenance required is to keep your hands clean as light sober hues enhance your skin tone. Nude Nail-2 The best brands available in nude shade category are Colorbar, Revlon, Dior, Deborah and Elf, my personal favorites. Go for nude nail paint frequently and in any season as it’s a safe and timeless trendy option.

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