Office Decor Ideas 2013

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The interior design of an office space is a creative as well as interesting job one can undertake. The selection of office furniture is decided on the space available and also the comfort of the employees. Good and comfortable environment in the office is necessary to create a more comfortable atmosphere in the office, so that the employees are relaxed and give a better performance. The effective décor gives a good performance from the employees. Interior designing gives new creative ideas to fully use office space as well as utilize the maximum space to function decor 1 Office Decor Trends in 2013 •    Deep cooling tones are the flavor of the year that is reflecting in the interior decoration of the offices. Charcoals and grays tinged with a shade of green and also combining them with ivory, stone and taupe for balance is giving a magnificent finish to the color schemes which are used this season. •    This year the trend is to use large and bold geometric patterns which help the business to create a new design statement that will express the personality and will have an impact on the visitors and leave a lasting impression on them. •    The trend in furniture in the offices is ever increasing focus on ergonomic design which is cost effective and also comfortable. More adjustable arms and head rest on office seating are expected to be seen in offices. Nowadays consumers are looking for quality that is made from durable materials like wood, tempered glass and metal finishes. •    Non-matching floor tiles used in the right way look great and so are popular in offices which give a unique theme to the interiors of the offices. •    Some dual purpose ideas that are very cost effective are growing in popularity like slide out seats and lounge with tablet arms so the employee does not need a desk to work. Desks are made with low transparent panels and partitions are removed in favor of increased communication and knowledge transfer. •    Eco friendly designs are gaining popularity as people are getting more eco conscious. Various types of Glass are used more freely and solar panels are used to generate its own energy. •    This is an era of constant communication and increasing interaction between the Modern workers. As a result of this commercial spaces are changing their interior design layout to more open work spaces to suit the employee needs.

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