Partial Highlights and Full Highlights: What is the Difference?

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Partial highlights are something that becomes popular among the fashion applicant in latest years. They think that this kind of fashion is really unique and trendy, so it is suitable to complete their fashion style.

Even though there are many people that apply this kind of fashion, but some others also still apply the old one style which is called as full highlight. Both full and partial highlights actually have certain differences.

Different with partial highlights, full highlight is usually also called as one color highlight. It means that the people who apply this kind of highlight only colored their hair in only one color. This kind of highlights commonly used by people who want change their entire hair appearance. For example is when their hair color is black, then they color their hair with brown. This action will create drastic change of their hair. It is interesting, but doing full highlight will damage the hair. You might be interested in reading Future Fashion Trends.

In the other hand, the highlight which is done in partial only applies color to the surface of hair which is commonly hit by the sun naturally. So, in this kind of highlight there is only some part of hairs which is colored. This is usually done by using foil method including 20 foils. Partial highlights are nowadays more interesting for some people, since it is more trendy and less expensive that full highlight.

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