Pastel Color Fashions of 2014

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Pastels are very stylish colors in 2014. This feminine fashion is very versatile and has been worn by fashion conscious women in all fashion seasons in different forms this year. Whether it is clothes, accessories, jewelry or even shoes, pastel designs are trendy this year. They make an outfit look soft, feminine and yet stylish and chic at the same time. Wearing more than one pastel color in an outfit is also in fashion, it is difficult but it is important to match pastel colors right. The following are some of the tips to wear pastel fashions in a trendy way in 2014: Pastel Colors- Fashions of 2014 •    Wearing pastel colors in clothing looks extremely feminine and stylish. Wearing a nice dress in just one pastel color is a good choice. Colors like light pink, light green, light shade of coral, light blue and other fashionable pastel colors are perfect for a dress. •    Wearing a pastel color dress with a different shade of the same pastel color for the overcoat in the fall is also super stylish. For example, wearing a light pink dress with a slightly darker pink overcoat is a great choice. •    Leggings, skirts, palazzo pants and t-shirts with pastel colors look super chic and trendy this year. For example wearing pastel coral color palazzo pants with a stylish light beige color top will look awesome. •    If the pastel colors in the outfit look too pale, a great idea is to use a shiny metallic gold or silver belt along with it. A darker shade of any color for the belt will also look good with these fashions. •    Pastel colors in jewelry are quite in vogue this year. Wearing jewelry made of beads and stones in various pastel colors like light pink, light blue, light green and other such colors are ideal. Rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets in these colors with stylish designs are very cool in 2014. •    Clutches, handbags, belts and scarves in pastel colors are in vogue this year. Generally these fashions look really good in the spring/summer months but however this year stylish women are making pastels work even in the Fall fashion season. •    Shoes like ballerinas, pumps, stilettos and even boots in pastel colors like light brown, beige and even in some cases light pink are seen this year. •    Pastel colors are even used in makeup this year to give a more natural look to the makeup. This type of makeup can be used every day as it gives a natural look.

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