Pastels- Major Fashion Trend of Summer

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Summer is a time for vibrancy in life and also in fashion. Though this year, there is another fashion in colors that has become very popular among stylish women all over the world. The fashion is that of pastels. Pastel colors are lighter shades of colors like green, blue, pink, yellow, orange, purple and shades of beige. These colors have been seen on runways and are also popular in casual yet stylish clothing styles in fashion. The following are some of the fashions that have become popular with the popular trend of pastels in fashion in 2015: Pastels- Major Fashion Trend of Summer •    These colors are particularly popular in stylish casual wear. Long flowing dresses in a bohemian style without prints in these pastel colors are particularly in fashion this season. They are loosely fitted dresses and work well with the hot weather. •    Another style of clothing in which pastels are very popular are short dresses. Grecian style dresses and shift dresses are all trendy this fashion season. Also in fashion are knee length dresses in pastel colors. •    Culottes are a major fashion of the spring/summer season of fashion this year.  Pastel colors are very popular with culottes as they work well with the casual style of culottes with stylish blouses and tops. •    Pastel colors are particularly popular in stylish gowns as well. Be it a prom gown or a gown for a women going to a stylish event, pastels are especially seen with Grecian style dresses. •    Trendy floral prints are in vogue with pastel colors in clothing items. Shaded pastel check prints are also common when it comes to fashions this season. •    Colored pants and jeans are trendy in the spring/summer fashion seasons. Wearing pastel colored jeans makes a lot of sense as they look chic, classic and stylish in the spring/summer fashion months. They make casual wear look super stylish along with cute tops. •    Pastel colors are popular in accessories like handbags and scarves. They are also very trendy in nail paint fashions this season. Pastel colored high heels are also trendy this year. Strappy high heels are in fashion and these work well with pastel colors. •    Pastel colors are a classic and ideal choice when it comes to bridesmaid dresses as they work well with many different types of wedding themes and also complement the bridal white dress as well. Pastel colors are a great fashion this season and the above are some ways to incorporate these styles in different outfits.

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